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What information can you find?

A search will display a results page listing the records in order of relevance.  The results page will display the basic catalogue record information.  The basic information may include the name of the item, relevant dates, brief description and the museum service it his held by.

You can read the full catalogue record by clicking on the record title.  This will display further details on the individual item including the unique Object Number for museum objects, a detailed description, dimensions, production details and related terms where appropriate and available.  This page will also display  images where they exist.


The search box can be found on the home page and the search results page.  This will search the records of the services.  To start a search, type in the relevant word or phrase you want to search for and click Search.  This will return records and display them in order of relevance with the most relevant being first.

If you see the words No Records found, this means that there are no records matching your search term.  This does not necessarily mean that records on your chosen search subject are unavailable, but you might have to think about using a different search word or phrase.  This is where the Advanced Search facility can be very useful.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search fields allow you to refine your search by focusing your search terms on particular fields.  This will enable you to use a more specific search criteria which can be especially helpful when you are researching a particular subject.  You can enter search terms into more than one field to refine the search even further.

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